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Billing & Cost Analysis

We send you two billings:

First bill comprises the Item Cost and 10% Service Fee, minimum $10. This is to fund us to buy your requested products. Our service fee is computed as 10% of total purchase cost, minimum $10.

Second bill is composed of the international shipping fee.

  • Local shipping fee. The fee to deliver your order to our processing center in the US. No charge if seller offers free domestic shipping.
  • International shipping fee. Most shipping companies’ fee is based on the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is the actual space that your parcel occupies on the aircraft, and basically you pay more for that space. It is computed as (Length x Width x Height)/Divisor; the divisor can vary based on the shipping method used and the destination country.

Shipping From USA

Special or Sensitive Items

Our international shipping price is applied in general situations. If you buy special or sensitive items, the rates in our cost calculator will no longer apply. Please contact us to quote you the price.

What if my Country is not found above?

With our partner shipping companies, we are able to ship to worldwide destinations. But if your country is not among the list, please contact us so we can send you the quotation.

How to track my parcel?

Your order will be shipped by the shipping company you chose. We will provide you the tracking number so you can follow the status of your shipment. Track it here: www.usabuyingagent.com/track-your-parcel.


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